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Shanette Strickland

When you vote next year please vote for Shanette Strickland for Reynoldsburg City Coucil Ward 1. I’m an ordinary person whose looking to do extraordinary things for the City of Reynoldsburg.


As great as Reynoldsburg is, there are problems. For too long, our city government has rested on its laurels – as other suburbs outpaced us.

My Plan of Action

We need someone at City Hall who will fight for the average person. Who will fight to keep Reynoldsburg growing. But – more importantly – who will fight to keep Reynoldsburg growing smartly – for the benefit of all our residents. We need to have tough discussions to make tough decisions.
And that’s what I plan to do when I’m elected to City Council-Ward One. There will be challenges, I’m sure. But by working with other council members – no matter what their party affiliation – we’ll persevere – and get good things done for our city and our citizens.

What I Believe

I believe that sometimes ordinary people can do extraordinary things.


Shanette E. Strickland announces run for City Council

Shanette Strickland, an information technology project manager and newcomer to politics, today announced her candidacy in 2019 for Reynoldsburg City Council-Ward One.
Strickland, 42, has worked in IT-related jobs since earning an associate degree from ITT Tech in 1998. She later earned a bachelor’s degree from DeVry University and an MBA from Franklin University. She currently is a strategic technical project manager for Alliance Data.
Born in Cincinnati, Strickland and her family have lived in Reynoldsburg for 12 years. She has a husband, Christopher D. Sr. and two sons, Christopher D. II, 19, and Shon, 16. Christopher II, a Reynoldsburg High School graduate, attends Kent State and Shon is a junior at Reynoldsburg Encore Academy.
Strickland has always been interested in politics, but only recently contemplated becoming directly involved. The divisiveness of today’s political climate and the #MeToo Movement changed her mind. She became active in the Reynoldsburg Democratic Party and last year served as a campaign manager for a local candidate. Now, she is running in her own right.
Besides working fulltime and raising two sons, Strickland is treasurer of the Reynoldsburg Football Parents Association and volunteers for Taste of Reynoldsburg.

The Secret of My Success

Hi. I’m Shanette Strickland. I am a wife, a mother, a sister, a friend and I am your neighbor.  

My story began in Cincinnati with my three siblings and single parent mom who struggled to provide; working multiples jobs at times. We didn’t have much money growing up in Cincinnati, but we had lots of love. As a youngster I was determined improve my circumstances. While attending school I also worked at Taco Bell, Burger King and cleaned sidewalks for the city. Almost every penny I earned after school went to help our family. 

My husband, Chris, and I have raised two wonderful sons here. Our oldest – Chris – played football for the Reynoldsburg Raiders and is now a freshman at Kent State University. Our younger son – Shon – is a junior at Reynoldsburg Encore Academy and plays basketball and football for the Raiders.
With two boys going through Reynoldsburg High School, it’s not surprising I’ve become a Raiders fan – actually a Raiders fanatic! We go to all the games, and I’m treasurer of Reynoldsburg Football Parents Association. 

Reynoldsburg has been great to us in the 12 years we’ve lived here. We’ve made many dear friends and I’ve earned a bachelor’s degree from DeVry University and an MBA degree at Franklin University while living here. I’m a first generational college graduate and am now an information technology project manager for a local credit card company.

We love living in Reynoldsburg

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